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Gregarious Echo

One thing that you could always count on with Echo was her love for her friends. She was always the first to say yes to a night at the arcade or get her friends together for a study session or gather her Stitch 'n' Bitch club. Making new friends was also exciting... especially if she… Continue reading Gregarious Echo

Legacy · Sims

Move to Moonwood Mill

And so, Tiera and Echo moved to the quiet town of Moonwood Mill. They would never fully escape the fame because of who they were and all that had happened to them, but it was a quieter life. Over time, they made changes to the house and to themselves. They settled into life in the… Continue reading Move to Moonwood Mill

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The World According to Mom

Kit: The World According to Mom by Dimensions Stitchables In doing the research to link for this cross-stitch kit, I discovered this kit originally sold in 1992. That sounds about right, because I initially bought the kit (I believe at a rummage sale) to complete and give to my little sister just after she gave… Continue reading The World According to Mom